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5nine Cloud Security v5.2 NEW

The #1 Security and Compliance Solution for Hyper-V and Azure Pack

  • Secure multi-tenant Hyper-V environment and provide VM isolation
  • Protect Hyper-V with fast, agentless ThreatTrack Vipre or Kaspersky antivirus now with Real-Time Malware Detection (NEW)
  • Enforce security compliance
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5nine Cloud Security
Free Edition

5nine Cloud Security

Conventional endpoint security solutions

Agentless Virtual Firewall and VM isolation




Agentless antivirus




VM active protection




Antimalware engine

ThreatTrack Vipre

ThreatTrack Vipre or Kaspersky

One Engine

Intrusion Detection System (IDS)




Disaster recovery sites support new




Syslog, SIEM Splunk support new




Integration into Hyper-V Extensible Switch




System Center VMM Integration




Licensing options

  • Standard license is available for fewer than or equal to 6 VMs per 2 CPU.
  • Enterprise license is available for fewer than or equal to 20 VMs per 2 CPU.
  • Datacenter license is available for unlimited number of VMs per 2 CPU.
  • SPLA license is available for hosting providers upon request.

5nine Cloud Security is the first and only agentless complete security and compliance solution built specifically for Microsoft Cloud OS and Hyper-V, utilizing the extensibility of Hyper-V switch. It allows users to:

  • Secure  multi-tenant Hyper-V environment and provide VM isolation
  • Protect Hyper-V with fast, agentless antivirus
  • Enforce security compliance
  • And more.

Multi-layered protection is provided, with an integrated firewall, antivirus and Intrusion Detection System (IDS). The agentless firewall ensures complete traffic control and isolation between VMs. The antivirus performs incremental scans up to 70 times faster and IDS proactively detects malicious attacks.


Secure multi-tenant Hyper-V environment

Whether you are a hosting provider or a business, rest assured that multiple tenants in your virtual network have access to all required resources, all while being absolutely isolated and protected from each other.

Provide Hyper-V VM isolation

With the Hyper-V environment, the system faces new types of security threats. 5nine Cloud Security allows you to protect your virtual machines from any internal and/or external network security breach.

Protect Hyper-V with agentless antivirus

5nine Cloud Security provides unique agentless antivirus technology for Hyper-V that allows saving CPU resources and increasing VM density by up to 30%. As a result, it leads to a reduction of capital expenditure on physical infrastructure.

Enforce Hyper-V compliance

5nine Cloud Security will provide the required level of protection for all Hyper-V networks in order to be compliant with security standards.

And more

Would you like to know more about powerful security and compliance instruments of 5nine Cloud Security for Hyper-V? Then feel free to proceed to the list of key features.

Video presentation of 5nine Cloud Security

What’s new in 5nine Cloud Security v5.2

What's new in 5nine Cloud Security v5.2



  • Agentless Antivirus and Antimalware Scanner and Job Scheduler NEW – Schedule individual or recurring antivirus jobs with the new job-based AV schedule. Make administration even easier by receiving regular email reports summarizing these scanning results. Improve security and protection of your business by eliminating 24/7 human maintenance.
  • Enhanced Auditing Capabilities NEW – Audit internal events made by Cloud Security and stay confident that changes that happen in your dynamic virtual infrastructure are logged. If something fails, you can immediately find out the moment, place and root cause of the issue.
  • Network Traffic Statistics NEW - Increase the security level of your business and data by better understanding the performance of your Hyper-V infrastructure to quickly identify anomalies. By identifying a traffic anomaly and isolating the threat at an early stage, you can save your datacenter. Track historical data and export the information to Excel, Word or PDF formats.

What’s new in 5nine Cloud Security v5.1


What's new in 5nine Cloud Security v5.1



  • Real-Time Agentless Antivirus & Malware Detection NEW – Protect your virtual machines with new, real-time antivirus scans on a Virtual Switch Level. By matching the traffic patterns to signatures provided by industry-leaders Kaspersky or ThreatTrack Vipre, as soon as a virtual machine receives a virus or malware file via the HTTP protocol, system administrators will get an instant email alert so they can perform the necessary remediation actions.
  • Enhanced Traffic Filtering, Logging & Notifications NEW – Utilize support for IP NoSPI, ICMP extended parameters, VLAN tagging, L2 protocols rules, SPI packet logging, IDS and agentless web anti-malware notifications.
  • Security as a Service with the new Azure Pack Extension NEW – Support Azure Pack with the brand new security solution that enables tenants to manage virtual firewall configurations and intrusion detection (IDS) to protect their virtual machines. Allows hosting providers to guarantee higher levels of business continuity and reliability by offering Security as a Service. 5nine Cloud Security WAP Extension is now only available as a Preview.
  • Integrated System Center VMM Management NEW – Meet new network and switch compliance plug-in for Virtual Machine Manager. It integrates fully with the Virtual Machine Manager Management Console to provide real-time, agentless protection of the virtualized servers, networks, storage and business critical applications for over 15,000 5nine Software customers.

What’s new in 5nine Cloud Security v5.0

  • VM’s Connections Table
  • Detailed centralized view of VMs' Antivirus status
  • Firewall Rules Templates
  • Multiple Security Groups Membership
  • Full SCVMM Logical Switch compliance
  • Extended support for broadcast traffic rules
  • Security settings change log for audit/compliance
  • Notifications mechanism for security events

Key features

  • Helps to enforce security compliance standards
  • VM separation/segmentation
  • Support of multi-tenancy in workgroup/mixed environments
  • NVGRE and VM Security Groups support
  • Agentless, host-based antivirus and antimalware scheduled scans running 70x faster than competitors
  • Disaster recovery sites support (real-time replication of security settings, virtual firewall rules, antivirus schedules and parameters to disaster recovery sites)
  • Centralized management console or System Center VMM Plugin
  • Granular User / Role – level access control
  • With agentless protection built specifically for Microsoft Hyper-V, 5nine Cloud Security installs only once per host (rather than once per virtual machine).
  • Supports any guest OS supported by Windows Hyper-V (CentOS, RHEL, etc.) – not just Windows environments.
  • Syslog, SIEM Splunk support

Virtual Firewall

  • Secure multi-tenancy
    • Associate user with several tenants
    • Support of multi-tenancy in workgroup/mixed environments
  • VM separation/segmentation
  • NVGRE and VM Security Groups support
  • User/Role - level management
  • Powerful Kernel Mode virtual firewall delivers the most comprehensive real-time traffic filtering available for a virtualized environment
  • Granular control over each virtual machine using Hyper-V Extensible Switch (no agent required)
  • Configure the advanced/full kernel mode virtual firewall for each VM individually
    • MAC Address filtering
    • ARP Rules
    • SPI (stateful packet inspection)
    • Inbound and outbound per VM bandwidth throttling
    • Broadcast traffic filtering.


  • Choose TreatTrack Vipre or Kaspersky antivirus engine
  • Active protection
  • Exceptionally fast incremental scan technology that tracks file changes and scans only changed files. The result is scans that are up to 50x faster than traditional full scans
  • Agentless antivirus and antimalware scheduled scans
  • Path and file exclusions

Intrusion Detection System

  • Sophisticated intrusion detection system with network anomaly analysis
  • SNORT engine is used to check for packet anomalies that could signify potential attacks
  • New LWF R2 Hyper-V switch extension

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows Server
    • Windows Server 2012 R2
    • Windows Server 2012 R2 Core
    • Windows Server 2012
    • Windows Server 2012 Core
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Server
    • Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 R2
    • Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012
  • Windows 8.x with Hyper-V role enabled


  • Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft SQL Express, .NET Framework 4.5 or higher

Note: Please refer to the Quick Start Guide, located in the 5nine Cloud Security program directory, on how to use various system features. Please refer to readme.txt file, in /SNORT subdirectory, on how to install SNORT signatures, and use 5nine IDS.

5nine Cloud Security version 5.1

If you would like to download version 5.1 of 5nine Cloud Security, please click here.

5nine Cloud Security with Kaspersky Antivirus version 5.1

If you would like to download version 5.1 of 5nine Cloud Security with Kaspersky Antivirus, please click here.

5nine Cloud Security version 4.2

If you would like to download version 4.2 of 5nine Cloud Security, please click here.

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Support

If you need a solution for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 – you can find it here

Web Application Firewall

For VM’s that will be used as Web Servers, 5nine Software offers a Web Application Firewall


Important: It is not recommended to deploy the 5nine Cloud Security Azure Pack Extension into production environments.

Delivering Security as a Service

Download Azure Pack Extension

Note that 5nine Cloud Security is required to use the Azure Pack Extension

Download 5nine Cloud Security

5nine Cloud Security Azure Pack (WAP) Extension is the only security solution that enables WAP users to manage firewall configurations and protect their Windows and Linux virtual machines. It allows hosting providers to guarantee business continuity and reliability for their customers by offering Security as a Service.

Hosting providers are now able to secure multi-tenant environments and provide VM isolation in a private cloud without the need for agents within the virtual machines. 5nine Cloud Security Azure Pack Extension provides multi-layered protection with integrated Virtual Firewall and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) in one package. Agentless firewall guarantees complete traffic control and isolation between VMs while Intrusion Detection System capabilities allow proactive detection of all malicious network attacks.

The WAP Extension follows Azure Pack’s best practices for delivering self-service, including integration with plans, quotas and billing.

PDF logo Product Overview
PDF logo Getting Started Guide

As the number of tenants and virtual machines increases, it becomes more difficult for cloud service providers to control the level of protection for every single user, without requiring the tenant to install security software, or worrying about them accidently or deliberately disabling the protection.

Now hosting providers can confidently protect each of their customers running Windows or Linux. Administrators can apply a universal security level for their users with global rules configuration. At the same time, direct integration with the Hyper-V Virtual Switch adds another layer of security to your business, along with confidence that clients will be protected if they provision their own virtual machines. Additionally, compliance enforcement with 5nine Cloud Security Azure Pack Extension meets the required compliance standards and increases a service provider’s potential customer base.

By offering customers a self-service security solution, hosting providers can provide more value-added services, increasing both customer satisfaction and revenue.



    Provide your tenants with agentless Virtual Firewall protection to isolate VMs and control traffic through direct integration with the Hyper-V virtual switch on the Hyper-V host.


    Offer a lower price than competitors in exchange for a wider range of security options, all while experiencing almost no performance and resource degradation.


    Give your customers a chance to configure their own security, compliance and privacy settings through the Azure Pack portal.


    Protect your business data using the trusted 5nine Cloud Security solution that over 15,000 5nine customers have used for protection.

5nine Cloud Security Azure Pack Extension connects to 5nine Cloud Security and is FREE of charge.


Protect and secure your Hyper-V environment with System Center VMM!

5nine Cloud Security System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) Plugin is the most reliable, powerful and easy-to-use extension for comprehensive protection of your Hyper-V infrastructure and Windows and Linux virtual machines. The SCVMM Plugin fully integrates with the Virtual Machine Manager Management Console to provide a real-time view of the health of your virtualized servers, networks, storage and business-critical applications for over 15,000 5nine Software customers who have it used to protect datacenters of all sizes.

PDF logo Product Overview

As virtualization continues to play a larger role in IT strategies, System Center users are looking for efficient ways to protect their virtual Hyper-V infrastructure in the most reliable manner. Unified management and security is needed to maintain continual service availability and increase management efficiency for all Hyper-V users, including small business, large enterprises, hosting and VDI providers.

The 5nine Cloud Security host-based agent integrates directly with the Hyper-V Virtual Switch and VMM Logical Switch to add another layer of security to your business. Since it is agentless, the antivirus engines perform incremental scans up to 70 times faster than engines that require agents, so your VMs do not slow down.

This is your chance to utilize the only agentless security for Hyper-V while still using Virtual Machine Manager to centrally manage your virtualized infrastructure.


Minimize the IT Management Burden

    With full integration with the Virtual Machine Manager Management Console, it is easy to centrally secure and protect your Hyper-V environment.

Maximize System Center ROI

    Leverage investments in Microsoft System Center by utilizing the power of both SCVMM along with 5nine Cloud Security to optimize and secure your data through a single interface.

Optimize Infrastructure Performance

    With a small installation footprint that maximizes consolidation ratios and VM density, the 5nine Cloud Security SCVMM Plugin causes negligible performance and resource degradation.

Increase Reliable Business Security

    Proactively secure your business’ services and data with broad, multi-layered protection including agentless antivirus, virtual firewall, and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) capabilities in one package.

License price starting at
$199/2 CPUs

FREE with purchase of 5nine Cloud Security

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"Use of 5nine Security for Hyper-V helped us to prevent malicious attempts to hack SQL server port allowing by IP- only access to that port for SQL VPS thus blocking all outside exploits. QLS servers are hosted for our customers on Windows Server/Hyper-V Platform."

Michael Davidson, CEO

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